BrickClick's Proprietary Retail Management System
<p>Point of Sale</p>

Point of Sale

BrickClick's POS uses industry best practices, making it intuitive and adaptable to a wide variety of applications. The system works seamlessly with your e-commerce user experience and is mobile-ready to meet your unique needs.



One platform for all your unified inventory needs. BrickClick allows you to manage your inventory from all channels in true real-time. No matter where your product is sold, your inventory will remain accurate and up to date.

<p>Customers and Retention</p>

Customers and Retention

Manage your customers and have access to customer profile information on the go. Our easy-to-use system provides customer insights on purchase history, preferences, trends, and predictive analytics.

<p>Product Management</p>

Product Management

BrickClick allows you to manage product data and details in real-time--no refreshing necessary. It even keeps track of changes and the history of the product.

<p>Staff and Locations</p>

Staff and Locations

Manage all of your staff and locations in one centralized place, in true real-time. Enhance your system with BrickClick's staff and/or location scheduling add-on modules.

<p>And Much More</p>

And Much More

With no integration necessary, you can easily enhance your omnichannel and operational capacity by turning off or on BrickClick's pre-integrated add-ons, such as Loyalty, Staff Scheduling, enhanced CRM and Marketing.